Top Reasons to Study in Canada

If you’re interested in Study in Canada! Then this article is for you! There are several reasons behind you should study in Canada. We’ve covered the Top 7 Reasons To Study In Canada.

There are many reasons to study in Canada, But one of the Top Reasons to Study in Canada is because it is a hub of global talents. Canada is a Proud country that gets many International Students Every Year, The Number of International Students in Canada is 494,525, Reported In 2020. After you finish your study in Canada, you can apply for a work permit or a permanent residentship.

There are lots of Universities in Canada Providing scholarships to international students. Canada is the Best Growing Destination for International Students to Study. There are lots of Reasons to Study in Canada that are highlighted below.

Moreover, Education in Canada is Cheap Compared to the USA or Australia. Since the Canadian Government offers Lots of Scholarships Every Year.

The Top 7 Reasons To Study In Canada

1# World Class Educations From Canadian Universities

Canadian Colleges and Universities are the Top Ranked All Over The World.
They’re proven to deliver world-class Education. Canadian universities have Managed to Have a Place in the Top 100 rankings for Several Years. Furthermore, These Faculties offered Top-Class Scholarships to all International Students.

QS World Ranking List Of Canadian Universities 

  1. The University of Toronto, Ontario (28th)
  2. McGill University, Montreal (33rd)
  3. University of British Columbia (47th)
  4. University of Alberta (109th)
  5. McMaster University (146th)

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2# Safety

Safety is the first thing you’ve to consider before you choose any country to study abroad. Well, Canada is one of the safest 

3# Part-Time Job Opportunities In Canada

Canadian Government allows International Students to work while studying in Canada. That means students can study and work in Canada without applying for a work permit visa while studying. 

International Students Can work 20hours in a week. This is a great opportunity for an international student to earn their living cost by doing a part-time job.

4# Employment Opportunities After Graduation 

This is one of the top reasons to study in Canada. You’ll get a work permit after you’ve done your diploma, undergraduates, or graduations. This is a great opportunity for you as an international student. 

You don’t have to apply for the work permit separately. When you’ve done your study your visa will automatically be transferred to a work permit. 

5# Tech Industry 

If you’re a tech enthusiast then this country will blow your mind. And there are a lot of opportunities available for technical persons. There is a variety of tech industries available in Canada such as Biotech, Telecommunications, Aeronautical Engineering, Video Games, Digital Media, MBA, and so on. 

6# Study In Canada Without IELTS

Among the Main Reasons to Study in Canada is without IELTS. Yes, You can Study in Canada without IELTS in Some of the Greatest Universities in Canada. The Undergraduates, Masters, and Doctoral Programs are available. There are many alternatives to which you can opt to study in Canada without IELTS.

List Of Universities In Canada You Can Apply Without IELTS

  1. Concordia University
  2. Brock University
  3. Carleton University
  4. University of Winnipeg
  5. Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
  6. Memorial University
  7. University of Saskatchewan
  8. University of Regina

7# Huge Number Of Scholarship Opportunities In Canada

Canada always Welcome International students from all over the globe. Scholarships for Canada in 2021 are currently open for online applications for the academic year 2021-2022.
You can apply anywhere or in any country. If you’re eligible, then you should apply for the Scholarships in Canada.

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